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Miniature Modelling and Painting Services
Articifer Studios

Miniature Modelling and Painting Services

We aim to provide a easy way to have your Warhammer and Forge Worldminiatures assembled and offer mini painting services  to your own specifications 
email: with your ideas for your Warhammer Army!
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    We can build or convert your Warhammer or Forge World models to suit your requirements
  2. 2
    Our attention to detail is one of our strengths and our painting services can include weathering and effects as required to add that realism to your Warhammer models and miniatures
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    As enthusiasts of the Warhammer 30k and 40k hobby, our models are not just for show! We use them all regularly and enjoy them long after the paint is dry.
Bespoke Painting Services
We can adapt to your own requirements, matching your existing Warhammer or Forge World army or add something unique.
Painting Style
Our Painting Servcies use a variety of painting methods from airbrushing to layering to acheive the results you want