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Miniature Modelling and Painting Services

Building and Construction

Resin and Plastic

The two main materials used for Warhammer and Forge world wargaming miniatures have different charactersitcs and require slightly different approaches to modelling.

We are highly experienced in both forms and you can be sure that any commission we undertake will be constructed to the highest standards before painting.

From Box to Tabeltop

Passionate about the Warhammer and Forgeworld modelling hobby, we take great pride in the effort to clean, prepare and buld our miniatures before they see a lick of paint.  Painting and construction are two seperate processess, but are not exclusive and when we build our models, we do so with a view on what the finished article will look like.  This means we take our time selcting the look and style that we want our painted miniature to look like and paint those areas that only close scrutiny may see - that is the attention to detail we provide in our painting services.

This allows the fine detail to be carefully painted both during and after construction - many of our miniatures have detail painted inside that no-one really sees, but it it is this attention to detail that means you know the model has been lovingly crafted to the highest standards.